Just got a Loog?

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If you just got your Loog and you are a bit lost and asking yourself “what now?”, this is the place to start.

1. Tune Your Loog

Just like with any professional guitar, your Loog will need to be tuned when you take it out of the box (and will also need to be re-tuned periodically), check the Loog App that has a (free) tuner.

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2. Download The Loog Guitar App

Your Loog isn't just a guitar - it's a complete learning system that starts with the Loog Guitar app.

The Loog Guitar app is fun, super easy to use, and has tons of features: video lessons, game-like exercises, a tuner, cute monsters, and more.

Download it for free now!

3. Use The Loog Flashcards

Look out for the little pouch with chord flashcards that comes with your guitar! These cards are an excellent, screen-free (yay!) way to teach kids chords on the Loog. We also have a quick video explaining how to read the cards in our App, which you can watch below or on the Loog App:

4. Get a Backstage Pass Membership

Your full access pass to a suite of premium digital content designed to get kids playing, learning and falling in love with music, all year long. Includes full access to:

  • The Loog Guitar School
  • The Loog Guitar App
  • The Loog Guitar Show
  • Digital Songbook

Plus: 10% off on future orders at loogguitars.com!*

*Some exclusions apply. Not valid in conjunction with other promotions.

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5. Join The Loog Guitar School

The Loog Guitar School is an online guitar course included in your Backstage Pass membership.

In The Loog Guitar School, children as young as 4 get to learn music fundamentals and guitar basics, from holding their instrument properly, to playing their favorite songs.

6. Join Our FREE Class

We hold a FREE, group lesson live via Zoom every single Saturday at 3 PM EST (12 PM PST). In it, a Loog-certified music instructor teaches kids Loog basics, from how to properly hold their guitar to some basic chord formations. You can join any Saturday you like, and repeat classes if you feel you need to! Some kids do respond better to live teaching, so it's definitely worth giving it a shot.

7. Follow Loog!

We are on a mission. Not just to help kids play guitar, but to foster curiosity around music. From Beatles and Prince, to the history of punk rock, to the science of sound waves, to why there are so many metal bands in Finland! 🤓

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